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ABT-Spanish Desk, is a business consultancy looking for business opportunities creating value.

We do not belong to any Group and it works independently.

Our field is GLOBAL, our mission to link and strengthen bridges from our preferred position in Spain, European Union, with the rest of countries and cultures.


Proof of this is our partnership in China with CHIMPORT, of which we are exclusive representatives for Spain. Chimport is a very important professional fair destined to multinationals from all over the world that import from China. Undoubtedly, a great business opportunity for many companies.


INTERNATIONALIZATION. In our spirit to open borders and generate synergies between companies from different latitudes, we are very focused on helping European and South American entrepreneurs and investors who want to expand in the Asia-Pacific area. Our positive experience in China is a guarantee.


INNOVATION. One of our latest strategic alliances has been to partner with INNCOME, a consulting firm specialized in helping to find funds for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who carry out R & D & I projects in different areas of activity.

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