ABT Spanish Desk | Innovative Public Purchase
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At ABT-Spanish Desk we help you to detect, define, prepare and present projects to Innovative Public Purchase (CPI), whether it is Public Purchase of Innovative Technology (CPTI) or Pre-Commercial Public Purchase (CPP), because it is better than a subsidy for your project. is that they buy you the results.


The Innovative Public Procurement is an administrative action to promote innovation oriented to the potential development of new innovative markets from the demand side, through the instrument of public procurement.


The Innovative Public Purchase is materialized in two modes of action:


Public Purchase of Innovative Technology (CPTI)


It consists of the public purchase of a good or service that does not exist at the time of purchase but can be developed within a reasonable period of time. This purchase requires the development of new or improved technology to meet the requirements demanded by the buyer.


Precommercial Public Purchase (CPP)


It is a contracting of R + D services in which the public buyer does not reserve the results of R + D for its own exclusive use, but shares with the companies the risks and benefits of the R + D necessary to develop innovative solutions that exceed those available in the market.