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The “Patent box”, article 23 of the TRLIS, is an incentive to promote the valuation and transfer of knowledge and technology of certain intangible assets, through the reduction in the tax base for income (income – expenses) derived from the assignment (or transfer in some cases) of certain intangible assets, such as: right of use or exploitation of patents, drawings or models, plans, formulas or secret procedures, rights over information related to industrial, commercial or scientific experiences. It is final, transfer of know-how.


Spanish legislation privileges the transfer of intangible assets so that technology does not remain in the company that developed it. It is allowed to declare only 40% of the income to encourage the transfer (transfer in some cases) of the technology to another company.


We have a highly specialized team in the technical, tax and legal areas, so we accompany our client throughout the process, from the identification of the intangible asset as everything related to national and international taxation, through the determination of prices of transfer and the elaboration of the transference contract, to finish in the advice during the tax verification i, and the administrative litigation in case of being necessary.


This fiscal incentive allows a reduction between 2 and 10%, depending on the year of start-up of the investment, in the payment of Corporation Tax for those investments in assets of property, plant and equipment that minimize the environmental impact of industrial activity.